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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jamie Foxx ft SE Slim and T-Pain - Blame It On The Alcohol

Me, personally, I'm a white drinker... I really don't fancy the dark... It Stinks, it has a lot of calories and it comes out of your pours like no other. Out of all of the whites I really fancy (yes I said fancy twice in the same paragraph) VODKA. When my bread is right I go straight for the Trump. When my bread is NOT-SO-RIGHT i prefer SVEDKA. I actually like SVEDKA and SMIRNOFF better than the expensive shit because I can actually tell how drunk I am. For example, I'm KNEE DEEP in this Patron right now and the only reason i can really tell is b/c I'm babbling on and on and on - on a fucking blogsite at 2:15am. N E way, leave the expensive alcohols to the experienced drinkers and all of you NEWBIES get what can afford and not what you hear in rap songs. Get fucked up and BLAME IT ON THE ALCOHOL... Check out the latest track from the MIXTAPE MONSTA p/k/a SOUTHEAST SLIM, BLAME IT ON THE ALCOHOL...
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  1. "i got that guantanamo bread, im always tryna "GITMO"!!!! so presidentially dope!! lol