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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

XXL Online Mag goes "IN" on The Medium

The "Infamous Omar" of XXL online magazine was nice enough to critique The Medium(my latest and greatest mixtape)and his review wasnt pretty.

He begins the critique by openly showing his digust for my stage name. "I’m at the point in this game where if any rapper comes into the game with a moniker that includes words like “Lil,’’ “Big,” ‘Young,” “The,” or “Slim,’ I’m extremely cautious about wasting my time listening to their music. To date the only MCs that can get away with having those words in their name has been Young Jeezy, The Game and Soulja Slim (R.I.P.). Now we have Southeast Slim. While I applaud the D.C. representative for starting his own label and getting his hood Trump on, I can’t give him too much props for this mixtape.

Next he eludes to the fact that I'm soft because I freestyled over the Blame it on the Alcohol, Single Ladies and the I'm a Diva instrumentals on BLAME SINGLE DIVA's

Then he gives me a few props for booth presence then continues to piss on the tape with standard UNDERGROUND MIXTAPE REVIEW jargon using words like "simplistic", "elementary" etc.

Finally, AND THIS IS A HUGE FINALLY, he compares me to BOW WOW and TYGA (Omar takes this comedy thang too far)

MY THOUGHTS: I take "criticsms" with the best of them, I don't have a glass jaw, and I am very thick skinned, But Omar, to compare me to Bow Wow and or Tyga is utterly ridiculous. That statement let me know you reviewed that tape as if it was a high school book report that you BS'd your way through because you had to do it and not because you wanted to do it. You quoted me on a track that doesnt exist(There isn't a track on the cd called MY WAY ) and you also gave me grief for a line that I didn't say ("We like role models cuz these haters wanna be us" was not uttered by SES but by C the Rapper).

Here's the download link for The Medium. can decide for yourself what type of review it deserves.

In the mean time click here to read Omar's full review


  1. This Omar dude wasn't listening to the same album I was listening to or the same one that you made. Bow Wow and Tyga?!?! GTFOH!!! "Blame Single Divas" was one of the best lyrically focused songs on the album, so how is somebody soft just for rapping on those beats? It actually takes somebody that goes IN to take two Beyonce beats and murder them joints like you did. As far as the whole "elementary" and "simplistic" thing, that's BS because I found myself having to rewind songs because you would slip in a metaphor that I didn't hear the first time. Out of 5 stars, mics, discs or whatever, I'd give it an easy 4. That's real talk, did your thing.

  2. I gotta agree with A.J. The Medium is "SO SICK" LOL @ the Infamous O....


  3. If you began listening to this with a preconceived notion about a name or a title (Slim, Lil, Young, etc). I can't believe you really listened to it. To call it elementary is ridiculous. This has to be the most intelligent rapper in the game, up there with Luda IMHO! If people "really" listened to what he's saying he'd easily be a force in the game. It's just like the people in D.C. They hear Southeast and think Gangsta, You hear Slim and never gave him a chance. FAIL!

  4. Don't feel bad slim fake niggaz can't hear real shit!!! My cousin E One Letter had a meeting wit an A&R from Sony & he compared him 2 Bow Wow too & his style is completely different from U'!!! The Washington Post even snitched on us 4 not having a vendors license. Fuck da media!!!

    - Mr. 40. Watt -

  5. Def gonna check it out SOUTHSIDE in the house POW!

  6. Seemed liked most people were feeling you and were going on O lol.